Suriname Artist, Eriq Riebeek

Eriq Riebeek
 is one of the few artists with Maroon roots from the country of Suriname. He started painting at the tender age of nine. In the early 70’s he and brother Dennis contributed to the urban art scene in the former Dutch colony.

Eric Riebeek_0713

They were known in Suriname as the Riebeek Brothers and are both alumni of the Nola Hatterman “School van Beeldende Kunsten” in the Capital Paramaribo.

Eriq and his brother started the tradition of painting on buses that were used as public transportation. That art form became a huge phenomenon and it continues in Suriname. He currently resides in the Bay Area, Northern California. His works depicts human social economic conditions.

Come by SomaR to check out Eric’s artwork in person…the artist from Suriname.

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