TEAllen – “Identify, Personalize, Provoke”

Somar is honored to have Taren Allen’s artwork hanging on our walls. Taren has had currated exhibitions at the Craft & Cultural Arts Gallery Oakland in 2006 and 2008, and the AbCo Artspace Oakland CA in 2007…and now at Somar.

In her own words, Taren writes about her art:

“I am drawn to the contradiction of inequity existing in ‘The Land of Opportunity’ and the deeply rooted systems of injustice that lie within. I am inspired to capture the beauty that subsides where equity fails to live. I combine minimalist imagery of portraitures with text, modify scale and use vivid colors of acrylic paint as metaphors for class and privilege. My work attempts to identify, personalize and provoke thoughts that separate is not equal.”

You can learn more about Taren at http://tarenallen.blogspot.com. And you can fully appreciate her talent when you see her artwork in person.

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