Drink Menu

Mike, one of the owners, is well known for his signature drinks. Our most popular is the SOMäR Fizz. If you have a favorite, use the comment section below to let us know which one.

Cocktail Specials  $10

Cucumber Sour  ‡  Muddled cucumbers, honey syrup, lemon juice, sour.
Boot Leg  ‡  Honey syrup, orange bitters, grapefruit juice.
Ricky Bobby  ‡  Gingerbeer, lemon juice.
Sazerac  ‡ Absinthe rinse, simple syrup, bitters.

Bajang Breeze (Barbados)  ‡  Ginger Liqueur, lime, pineapple, mango, splash of cranberry.
Hemmingway Daiquri  ‡   Maraschino Liqueur, grapefruit, lime.
Ginger & Spice ‡  Spiced rum, Angostura Bitters, gingerbeer, lime.

Basil Gimlet  ‡  Fresch basil, cucumber, simple syrup, Hellfire Bitters, lime.
French 75  ‡  Lemon juice, simple syrup, champagne.
Gin & Sin  ‡  Lemon juice, orange juice, dash of Pomegranate Liqueur.
Bee’s Knees ‡  Lemon juice, honey, mint, Rhubarb Bitters.

Flor De Muerte  ‡  F=Hibiscus Liqueur, lime juice, Gingerbeer.
SomaR Fizz  ‡  Cucumbers, basil, lime, white cranberry, St. Germain, soda.
Spiced Mango & Ginger  ‡  Jalapeno Tequila, honey, lime, Ginger Shrub, mango juice.
Siesta ‡  Aperol, honey, grapefruit, soda, lime.


Pear Cider – Sonoma $6/Pitcher $14
Black Lager – Linden Street $6/Pitcher $14
Glow Pils – Linden Street $6/Pitcher $14
IPA – Lagunitas $6/Pitcher $14
Pils – Lagunitas $6/Pitcher $14
Calf-Eine Stout – Halfmoon Bay $7
Heineken $6/Pitcher $14
Peroni – Italy $6/Pitcher $14
Pale Ale – Sierra Nevada $6/Pitcher $14
Hefeweizen – Sierra Nevada  $6/Pitcher $14
Hop Hunter IPA – Sierra Nevada $6/Pitcher $14
Ol’ Brick Bitter – Linden Street $6/Pitcher $14
Red Stripe – Bottle $5
Corona – Bottle $5
Guiness Extra Stout – Bottle $5
Miller Highlife – Bottle $4

Red Wine $8

Cabernet Sauvignon, Robert Hall, California
Merlot, Robert Hall, California
Pinot Noir, Ventana Vineyards, California
Zinfandal, Haraszthy Family Cellars, California

White Wine $8

Chardonnay, Ventana Vineyards, California
Sauvignon Blanc, Ventana Vineyards, California
Pinot Gris, Ventana Vineyards, California
Riesling, Rancho Sisquoc, California
Sparkling White Wine, Domaine Chandon, California
Chandon, Yountville, California