Griselda Delamora

THANK YOU GRISELDA DELAMORA for taking the time to let us know your Somar story:

“Hello, my name is Griselda Delamora and I was in your establishment on Friday, January 15, 2010. I was at home bored in Richmond and decided to check out local clubs/lounges/bars nearby without having to cross the Bay Bridge to SF (like I usually do). I read good reviews on Yelp about Somar, so I decided to check it out myself.

My boyfriend and I got ready and drove ten minutes and we were there! Although parking was very hard to find and took half an hour, we didn’t let that stop us.  We parked 3 blocks away and thankfully the line moved very quickly and smoothly. The security was nice and professional. Walking right into a sushi bar was a very nice and unique touch that impressed me too.

The place was packed, music was my style, and bartenders looked friendly. I approached the bar and was soon helped by Mike G. He was kind, friendly, and best of all, smiled the whole time he worked. He is someone that truly seems to enjoy his job. I am a cocktail server and I hope to give off that same vibe when I’m working.

I ordered 2 Coors Light  and Mike gets them super fast and says, “on me.” I have never been given my first round at any bar for free unless I knew the bartender, manager, or it was my birthday. In this case, none of the above applied. My boyfriend and I looked at each other in shock and smiled. What a cool guy Mike is! My boyfriend then said, “this is our new spot!”

After much dancing and more drinks, I go sit at the bar and ask Mike if I can have a Lychee (not the drink though). Mike says ok and I got a tooth pick and got a lychee. Mike then makes me a lychee martini that I have never tried before and says, “you might as well try the drink.” It was amazing and delicious.

The point of this is to give recognition to a great staff at Somar, especially Mike the manager. I have recommended Somar to so many of my friends since my experience there. I have never felt so welcomed at a bar before. I felt like I was a regular and felt like I knew the manager. I am so impressed and will definitely be returning over and over again. Good job Somar staff. I can’t stress enough how impressive your service is and how I am a fan after just one visit. Thank you so much for a great experience!!!”

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