Christine Domingo

THANK YOU CHRISTINE for your Somar story:

Hi Somarians,
I was there January 23rd for a birthday celebration, and I wanted to send a note letting you know about the great experience I had.  I’ll break it down like this…

security/doormen: very friendly and welcoming; open to questions and quick to give a helpful answer; no scowls on their faces; didn’t make me feel like they were “judging” me to decide if I belonged in the place or not

the space: beautiful!; love the brick walls and open feel; right amount of sofas/chairs/tables; great artwork – gives just a bit of “street” to a classy feeling place

bartenders/barbacks: oh my gosh, they rocked it! seriously, it was super crowded and they were hustlin’ their a**es off; yeah, I had to wait to get drinks, but I never felt ignored, and CLEARLY they were busy; nice touch with the barrel man – made me chuckle while I waited for drinks; I gave a $20 tip on a $38 bar tab, not because I have money to throw around like that, but because I felt it was well deserved

busser: damn, this guy was all over the place! even with the massive crowd, he was stealthy gettin’ through to keep glasses cleared

music: band (My People) played good, upbeat music – perfect warm up to the DJ… who kept people dancing; phew… I got a good dance workout that night! Loved the music he played.

I’m one of *those* people who hardly ever leaves the City. For a visit to Somar, I’ll happily cross the bay.

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