Sayra Reyes, April 2012

Sayra Reyes is an Oakland native with a Mexican American heritage. Her art reflects that of Picasso, Rivera and Kahlo. Tribal beats pound through her art pieces, while her Mexican American  persona is also strongly stated. Using acrylic paint, her bright colors highlight the rich culture that is of Latinos, gays, soulful musicians and women. Her subjects are subjected to the expression of their essence; portraying not only their outer self but inner self emphasized in their facial expressions.

4 Responses to Sayra Reyes, April 2012

  1. Michael says:

    You’re hard to find. Somar has no contact info.

    Please call me when you get a chance.

    (510) 717- 4031.

    • Somar says:


      I have forward your message on to Sayra Reyes. I’ll also ask her if she’d like to add her contact info to her artwork.

      SomaR Bar

  2. Dawn says:

    Trying to gain contact with the artist for possible showcasing some of her pieces for an up and coming event. Please forward my email address to her it will be in August between the 15th and maybe 17th 2013. Thanks

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