Matt Lucas, Artist and Martial Artist

Many might not know that Armando, Somar co-owner, is a champion kick boxer. So when Somar had the opportunity to feature an artist who is also into martial arts, we welcomed it. Come to Somar to see Matt Lucas’ work starting Saturday, January 9th. We hope you enjoy the art and the story. Let us know what you think; leave a message.

Matt Lucas was born in rural New York and made his way to Berkeley California in the turn of the century.

In the summer of 2006, Matt joined Pacific Ring Sports in Oakland California. He became immersed in the world of Muay Thai, a ring combat sport which allows elbows, knees, punching and kicking, and actively participated in amateur combination. After a year of local competition, he trained abroad in Thailand fighting at the Fairtex stadium in Pattaya. In 2009 he returned to Thailand to fight at the prestigious Rajadamern stadium.

Along with an active competitive life Matt has also been engaged in painting through the use of stencils. Having picked up the hobby while studying in college, he applied his hobby to his passion, Muay Thai and boxing. The series of paintings here were created in the last three years during Matt’s time as an active fighter and represent key elements in the life of a Nak Muay (Muay Thai boxer). Matt also is an active writer, chronicling his experiences in the ring, interviewing prominent boxers, and depicting Muay Thai life on the popular website Matt plans to continue with his multi-faceted journey for years to come.

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