Darren, Alex and Anthony

Darren Domingo was born and raised in San Jose and from an early age was interested with the visual realm and different mediums of art.  While drawing and painting remained as a primary focus of visual expression, Darren also found talent in Graphic Design. In 2009 Darren graduated with a BA in Studio Art from the University of California Irvine and is currently working as Marketing Coordinator for New England Financial in Foster City. Darren describes his aesthetic as urban, pop, and abstract. He has always been inspired by comic book style work and follows prestigious artists in that world such as Alvin Lee. His work is predominantly of portraiture with added abstract visual elements and favors rendering his friends and family for subject matter in his pieces. Contemporary artists such as Hung Liu are also venues of inspiration as he describes his love for Liu’s drip work and representation of Chinese culture. His pieces utilize drip work as an abstract element to mimic graffiti and street style art.

Darren is always looking for venues and outlets to showcase his work and is extremely appreciative of Somar Bar for allowing him to display his art. He can be contacted at djosephgd@gmail.com and has an online portfolio at www.coroflot.com/djgd.

Alex Baumgartner was born in San Francisco and moved to Oakland in 1985 at 2 months old. Alex has a bachelor’s degree in Art Studio and Sociology from the University of California Davis. While at Davis, he studied from great studio professors, such as Dave Hollowell, Wayne Thiebaud, and Annabeth Rosen. After graduating in 2007, Alex continued to paint and charcoal on his own while living with his older brother in an apartment they shared together in Oakland. Now, Alex is attending the California State University of Sacramento pursing a teaching credential in special education. Alex still finds time to paint in Davis, where he now lives with his girlfriend. The two share a condominium in Davis and Alex has just finished his first year in the two year program. Alex feels that he will always have a place for art in his life no matter how busy he gets. As of lately, Alex has been exploring his work with oil paints and has brought a handful of his pieces out to share at Oakland Art Murmur.

Anthony Cheng was born and raised in Oakland. Anthony attended UC San Diego and UC Davis to study Art Studio and Economics. During the weekdays, Anthony is a Senior Digital Strategist for Apple Advertising and plans to pursue a career in Brand Marketing. When he isn’t working on innovative ad campaigns, Anthony enjoys the music, food, art, fashion, swimming, and outdoors as a San Francisco resident. Thanks to his peers and Somar, he feels privileged with this great opportunity at the Oakland Art Murmur to continue and share his creative exploration of mixed media and color.

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