Anh “DiDi” Bui, From Paris to San Francisco

Anh’s art is aesthetically pleasing for its bold colors and surreal environments. However, each piece presents a chance to look into the mind of this amazing artist.

Anh’s work reflects so much more than what is merely on the canvas—it reflects the many social, political and cultural issues that surround Anh each day. Perhaps Anh’s unique take on life comes from having been raised in the fast-paced lifestyle of Paris or from having lived in the cultural melting pot of San Francisco. Only Anh knows for sure.

Anh Bui was born and raised in the heart of urban Paris, France, a setting that molded and enriched Anh as an artist and as a person. As a child, Anh’s quick wit and rebellious nature were the perfect compliments to the City of Light. Anh’s artistic gifts were realized there in the hotbed of art and culture. Anh began drawing and sketching as an adolescent. The art provided an escape from the hectic pace of life in the city. As Anh grew and matured, a love of travel began to replace art as a driving force in Anh’s life.

In the end, however, the love of travel only served to enhance the art and art remains Anh’s true passion. After journeys to all parts of the world, Anh eventually landed in San Francisco. In San Francisco, Anh discovered a city rich in culture without the grueling pace of life in Paris. It was here that Anh began to paint. The relaxed atmosphere in San Francisco proved invaluable to Anh’s art. Anh continues to live and paint in San Francisco and the art world anxiously awaits the next wondrous piece from the Anh Bui Collection.

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