Oaklanders Can Bust A Flow Like SF Can Order A Latte

oakland-stereotypes-2Natalie Grigson, a staff writer for Movoto, a fun real estate blog, has written about “10 Oakland stereotypes that are hella true!

The second stereotype is Oaklanders can bust a flow like SF can order a latte! Grigson writes “Oakland’s hip hop scene is off the chain…It is the home of places like Lounge 3411 and SomaR Bar.” Grigson further claims “[Oakland] is still a staple in the days of hyphy beats and, as locals will tell you, will continue to influence the hip hop scene in the years to come.”

What do you think?

You can read the full article on Movoto. In the meantime, the 10 stereotypes are:

  1. People in Oaktown Say Hella Weird $#**, Ya Hurd?
  2. Oaklanders Can Bust a Flow Like SF Can Order a Latte
  3. Oaklanders Think San Franciscans Are Stuck Up…
  4. Which Is Why All The Cool Kids Are Moving To Oakland
  5. Oaklanders Are Not Afraid To Speak Truth To Power
  6. Oaklanders Sure As Hell(a) Don’t Trust The Police
  7. But They Do Trust Their Neighbors
  8. If You’re In The Uptown, Your Neighbor Is a Hipster – – And So Are You
  9. If You’re In Rockridge, Your Neighbor Is a Yuppie – – And So Are You
  10. Oakland Raider’s Fans Are Obnoxious  – – And They Like It That Way

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