Run for a Cause Thank-You Celebration

After The Run – Sunday, March 25th
2:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Many nonprofits participate in the annual Oakland Running Festival to raise money for their organizations. These are the “Run for a Cause” groups and they help people in our city and support our community.

We’d like to say THANK YOU for all that they do. And we’d like to say it with a celebratory party after the run. SomaR will be opening early at 2:00 pm on Sunday, March 25th, and will have complimentary bottled water, discounted drinks, and hotdog/chips & hamburger/chips for sale.

Great news…SomaR has TabbedOut so that the runners don’t have to run home to get their wallets before they come celebrate. TabbedOut is a free phone app that allows you to close your tab on your cell phone…no having to go up to the bar to pay or find you don’t have enough money. Be sure to sign up before the run.

Below are some of the Run-for-a-Cause groups that we want to give thanks. Come join us to meet the people of these organizations, find out what they do, check out what their group is about...or just come to celebrate.

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