Kevin Pride Loves to Draw

Kevin Pride loves to draw; he especially loves to draw people. And he’s exceptional at it!

His career as an artist started in junior high school where he polished his drawing skills, created his own characters, and sold custom cards, pictures and posters to his classmates.

Demand for Kevin’s talent grew in high school where the Principal commissioned him to paint murals on the stadium box office and in the boys baseball locker room. He also sold portraits to the schools athletes and placed in several art contests.

After high school, Kevin started his own business to sell his art, “Pride Enterprises.” He worked with the Pittsburg Arts Collaborative where he hung his work in several of their gallery shows and taught art to aspiring young high school students. He was the Art Director at the East County Boys and Girls Club where he taught art to kids. He participated in the USPS Black Heritage Malcolm X stamp unveiling where he presented to Malcolm’s eldest daughter, Attalah Shabazz, two portraits he drew of her father.

As impressive as all this is, viewing his artwork in person is even more impressive. You can take a peek at the portraits hanging at SomaR, but you’ll want to come by to see them up close and personal…and be impressed!

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