A SomaR Family Message For You

Dear SomaR Patrons,

We’ve been here for 2 years and along the way we’ve gotten wonderful reviews and constructive criticism. Some of the feedback we’ve received said that the place gets too crowded and uncomfortable. We’re trying to do something about that.

What we’re doing is keeping a close watch on how crowded it gets throughout the place. When it gets full and to capacity, we ask people to wait. Not only is this for the benefit of our patrons, it’s also a law we have to follow to keep everyone safe.

What we’re NOT doing is making you wait outside just to make the place look popular. A few reviews have mentioned this and it couldn’t be further from the truth. We want to let everyone in to have a good time, but you can’t have a good time when there’s no room to dance, or it’s too difficult to make it through the crowd to the restrooms!

We hope you understand and keep on sending us your comments. You can use the comment area below, post a review on Yelp or Facebook or send us a message at info@somarbar.com.

Thank you for letting us know what you think and for visiting SomaR Bar.

Armando Ramos and Mike Golondrina, Liz & Edgar Ramos

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1 Response to A SomaR Family Message For You

  1. MzBonds says:

    We all know Mike’s cocktails are worth the wait!

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