Youth Empowerment Artist, K-Dub

Keith Williams, known as K-Dub, combines the conscious messages and imagery of inner-city lifestyles and social issues in his artwork.

K-Dub is a visual artist and arts educator. K-Dub has created over 40 murals that grace inner city walls, halls, schools and community centers throughout South Central Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Francisco, and Oakland. Now you can appreciate his creations while sipping on a specialty cocktail at SomaR Bar.

Equally impressive as his artwork is his dedication to educating youth in the arts. In addition to teaching at Mocha (Museum of Children’s Art) and Oakland High School, K-Dub co-founded Tha Hood Games, a skateboarding event for Oakland’s inner-city youth.

K-Dub decided to help Oakland youth get their own skate park. He worked with the City of Oakland and local groups to secure deFremery Park in West Oakland as the location for Town Park, the first skate park in Oakland. Tha Hood Games is more than just a skate event for youth. All of the events have live art, DJ’s, live performances, dancing, deck designing, food, free giveaways and more in order to welcome more than just skaters to the events.

SomaR is honored to partner with a momentous supporter of the arts, Oakland and its youth. Don’t miss K-Dub’s work that’s beyond art hanging at Oakland’s local hangout, SomaR Bar.

Thank you K-Dub.

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