Art Reception for Darren, Alex & Anthony

Please join us on Friday, June 4th, at 6:00 pm for an art reception for Darren Domingo, Alex Baumgartner and Anthony Cheng.

Darren’s work utilize drip work as an abstract element to mimic graffiti and street style art. Alex has been exploring his work with oil paints and Anthony likes to share his creative exploration of mixed media and color.

Come to Somar to meet these three talented artists and get a real feel for their art when you see it in person. You can read more about Darren, Alex and Anthony and get a glimpse of their artwork here.

Please tweet this; copy and paste:  Art Reception 6/4 6pm – meet Darren Domingo, Alex Baumgartner & Anthony Cheng, see their artwork, enjoy a drink

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One Response to Art Reception for Darren, Alex & Anthony

  1. Frederick Yu says:

    Interesting. This sounds like fun. I think I’ll come and check it out.

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