“Motochix” Is Disappointed

Somar welcomes your comments, be it good or bad. We even have a review section where we post unsolicited reviews. Thank you for that.

We got our first bad review and, though we’d like to address this comment, we’re kind of put off by the unconstructive criticism.  So we thought we’d ask others who have visited our blog what they think.

Below is motochix’s review. Please post your comments below. Thank you.

From:  motochix
To:  website@somarbar.com

“What a terribly disappointing website!  Why is there no drink menu?  Why so boring and bland?  Would it kill you to put some thought (and gawd forbid a few dollars) into it?  The only thing it told me was where you are located.  I’m not interested in seeing a photo of your 1 year anniversary cake.  While one year in the food & beverage industry is no small feat, it certainly should NEVER be a huge deal on your website.  And the “front page”  what exactly is it you’re trying to sell… if anything?  Are you also a gallery for non-local artists???  There is no rhyme or reason within the website.  Screams cheap.  So is that what I’m supposed to assume the bar is too?  So you’re also a lounge?  Does that mean you have live music?  How about a calendar of who’s playing?

Oy vey, after that we’re off to Luka’s or Penelope’s.”

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9 Responses to “Motochix” Is Disappointed

  1. Alex Sasayama says:

    Wow, how sad. I am incredibly happy about the fact that I first got to know Somar by visiting it IN PERSON. That was the first indication that this place was a true neighborhood spot and not just some tourist destination. I could care less about the website (works just fine for me), and am troubled by the hateful, passive-aggressive message you guys received. Unfortunately, this medium allows for such uncivil behavior and we have to be prepared for it. I’m looking forward to my next visit to Somar and enjoying a refreshing drink with people that make me proud of living in Oakland. Keep up the great work!

  2. SOMAR REG says:

    Motochix – Do you not know how to use a website? See those words at the top of the page? Those are called links. Say it with me “L I N K S”. Now, what’s the 4th link to the right? Go ahead, take your time, I’m sure you may have problems counting too. “Drink Menu”… Right, good. Just click on that… what’s it called again? Link, GOOOOD. There you will see the drink menu. Those links are pretty helpful, huh?

    Step one was to help you navigate through a website. Step two, probably more important then step one, will be between you, God, and a mountain of therapy because I don’t know if there is a resolution for stuck up, snob!

    We’re not sorry you will not be stopping by. Somar customers, like myself, would go bananas if you sat next to them.

  3. Ben Dover says:

    I think that Motochix needs to spend a few more minutes looking at the website before she decides to send such a scathing review.

    Especially when one of the places she mentions has a Facebook page as a “website” with none of the above ranted on topics.

    Having been to both Penelope and Luka’s which are both fine local establishments, I feel more qualified to comment on them, yet I digress, in the end- Give me Somar any day.

    Motchix- Why don’t you try something novel like stopping in and saying hello to one of the great staff or most likely an owner will serve you and realize why its the people in the bar that make the bar- Stop by with an open mind.

    Mike and Armando and the rest of the Somar family do a great job of ensuring everyone has a good time. (Even people that review a place they haven’t been in, from a website.)

  4. WillieMaze says:

    Somar, we love you, love your beautiful, friendly, and awesome bar… Sounds like we’re lucky “motochix” is going to Lukas or Penelope’s… Aww. Internet wackos, please keep it movin!

  5. Kasha says:

    The most important aspects of Somar can’t – and shouldn’t – be expressed on a website. Having a neighborhood bar where you’re treated like family, and treated to a constantly evolving set of the best drinks and music anywhere I’ve been is priceless. Somar is not a destination; it’s a community, and I’m grateful that the clientele is self-selecting.

  6. known says:

    While I will say the site doesn’t reflex the actual personality, beating rhythms, social atmosphere and wonderful staff of Somar, it gives the information that is needed. Ignoring the somewhat dumb comments of “whatshername”, there is some honesty there that should be peeked at and used in the mix to shake up the Somar site and blow’em outta the liquor! BECAUSE Somar has a great, friendly, warm temp and heartbeat that will continue for years to come because it has dedicated owners who respect their guests, & staff. AND that is hard to find.

  7. Natalie says:

    This website does suck. Indeed

  8. lora says:

    I really respect SOMAR for publishing this negative comment and opening up the conversation. That one act alone should be a sign of the kind of establishment this is, and how far from the truth this review is. This person went off on a rant, and to be honest I don’t think a bar’s core deliverable is its website. Besides, tech-savvy-ness and web presence varies widely among businesses anyway. Some businesses still don’t have any website at all, gasp, if you can believe it. But all that aside, a bar’s core deliverable is the experience, the ambience, the quality and value of the drinks, the warmth and vibe of the staff, the lighting and furnishing, and the degree to which it gives back to its community — and SOMAR wins several stars in ALL the above areas, in my opinion . Thanks SOMAR for choosing to launch in Oakland, as the first comment said, this place does make me happy and proud to show off Oakland as my home.

  9. Leonardo Alexander Martinez says:

    Last time I tried to reach into a website to grab a drink I was unfortunately prevented by the glass from entering into cyberspace to enjoy any drink menu. Who goes to a bar for a menu anyway? Let me guess, you must don the required A list heels and million dollar Prada bag (which probably does every beautiful woman that enters my lifetime friend’s bar); however, they wear them because they feel comfortable and look good not so that they can be scanned from head to toe by UPC scanners protruding from superficial spectacles to say that they fit some “blueprint” of a crowd. To judge a location by the website is the equivalent of saying that P.F. Chang’s serves delicious authentic Chinese food because their website is well thought out and hey, it has a menu! I’d rather go to Schizuan House in Pleasant Hill, Ca who doesn’t even have a website, the closest I could find was this:
    http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/O4H_qm3CJclVMRCo6kESIQ?select=VQ6lqVsZURdj06ctBXxGIg (not that good of a site, or lack thereof = they must suck, oy vey!) Or let’s for example take this gem: http://www.dominos.com/home/index.jsp . I’m sure that they must have the most spectacular pizza compared to this shop: http://www.flying-pie.com/ who has a terrible website, but hey they must be worst than the one with a spectacular website (flying pie pizza is incredible, both in product and in atmosphere, and beer) . Motochix, your logic is flawed. Now as I have presented only restaurant examples, what you may fail to realize is that the examples are in line. SOMAR has some of the best sushi I have ever had, not to mention reasonably priced and perfectly balanced alcohol to mix portions. I know the owner takes great pride in getting the drinks right because, hey, I’ll be honest: I used to get drunk with the kid for years, anything less than drink perfection would be nothing short than sacrilegious and complete counter – intuitive given these owners’ philosophies. They have poured their heart and soul into their business and for you to accuse them of not investing a penny into their bar can either symbolize two things: 1) you are either a child of privilege and sees no value in up and coming businesses and hard work, or 2) you are the person that waits in the back of the line in popular hangouts just waiting to be part of the ‘in’ crowd, the type that scan cyberspace for things that look cool because “hey, if it glitter…” well you know the cliche’. Either way, those at SOMAR would be glad to accept you either way, they probably wouldn’t even notice your bag or heels, shit, show up in Pumas, who cares. You can still sit in the comfortable couch listen to cool music, meet nice, intelligent people and I even encourage you to identify yourself as to who you are; incredibly such an introduction would greet you with a hug and a “oh well, by gones, welcome!” and I can even bet they will buy you your first drink, ask for Mondo, tell him what you think they can do to improve their spot, he’ll take it into consideration. Tell him Leo sent you.

    One last thing: with a name like Motochix, you may not want to drive, but it’s ok, take BART, I’ve stumbled their well within 30 seconds of enjoying the establishment, how convenient.

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