Samara Patchen, An Artist By Design

Samara Patchen is a San Francisco Bay Area graphic artist who is passionate about design.  Equipped with a sense of humor, an eye for beauty, a mind that runs non-stop and some really kick-ass software, Samara designs on a daily basis drawing inspiration from life.  These muses include everything from music, life experiences or something as simple as a word or phrase.  Each piece of art tells a different story that can be found in the details of the design. 

With a background in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, as well as years of artistic cultivation throughout life, Samara has found her true passion in life.  These combinations of digitalized pictures, vectored graphics and drawings create bold pieces of art that will leave a lasting impression.

We’re honored to host a collection of Samara’s artwork in our Art Gallery section.  As amazing as these images are, you’ll enjoy them more in person. Come by Somar to see Samara’s artwork for yourself.

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