Let’s Meet @Somar, Win and Get Happy

There’s a reason they call it “happy hour”… besides the drinks. At Somar, we say “Let’s Meet @Somar, win and get happy!”

Every week we give away a prize to one of our lucky visitors; it’s the Let’s Meet @Somar weekly giveaway. To enter to win, simply drop your business card in the jar on the bar during happy hours of Tuesday through Friday from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Every Friday at 8:00 pm we draw a winner.

This week’s Let’s Meet @Somar giveaway, the lucky winner will receive a round of beer for their party of 5-10 people held on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Come into Somar any time – and as many times as you want – on Tuesday, 1/19, through Friday, 1/22, between 4:3opm and 8:00 pm to enter to win.

To follow our weekly giveaways, join us on Twitter. We’ll let you know the new prize for the week.

Thanks for joining us and cheers to the winner!

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