New Holiday Cocktails

Mike Golondrina, co-owner and cocktail specialist, started bartendering in 1993. His career quickly took off and he became bar manager of City Nights, a highly successful nightclub in San Francisco. He soon became bar manager of the SF Clubs’ more exclusive venues. Mike has been sought after by others wanting to start a bar or restaurant in San Francisco and Oakland. His non-flashy, accommodating, relaxed style and expertise has made him one of San Francisco’s most popular bartenders. Mike is known for his is signature drinks which can only be found at Somar!

Holiday Cocktails – Starting December 23, 2009 through January 10, 2010. Come in and try one…or two. Enjoy!

Hot Toddy ‡ St. Remy VSOP brandy, fresh squeezed lemon juice, dash of honey and hot water.
Somar Cafe ‡ Torres Spanish brandy, a hint of Gran Gala liqueur, strong black coffee, dash of Bailey’s Irish Cream, sugar optional.
Spiced Apple Rum ‡ Sailor Jerry Spiced rum, hint of cinnamon and agave nectar, dash of Tuaca, a dallop of apple butter; topped off with hot water.
Leche Flan Martini ‡ Torres Spanish Brandy, splash of vanilla extract, dash of cinnamon, white of an organic egg, touch of simple syrup, half and half. Served up, sprinkled with a touch of cinnamon.

Happy Holidays from Somar to you.

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